Abilene Philharmonic Foundation

Founded by Conductor Laureate, George Yeager, the Abilene Philharmonic Foundation manages an endowment that ensures the future financial well-being of Abilene’s professional orchestra. Gifts that build this endowment establish a source of predictable annual revenue, in perpetuity. They offer protection from budget constraints and help build a secure financial future.

The independent Foundation Board of Directors is dedicated to the following principles:
  • Gifts support the orchestra now and in future generations
  • Funds are invested conservatively and monitored for performance
  • The distribution of funds is geared to perpetual support

Your Gift to Future Generations

Please consider joining this important initiative and support the power of live symphonic music for future generations.

One Time Cash Gifts

  • Make a donation to support the future of our beloved orchestra.


  • Talk with your estate planner and family about including a gift in your will to ensure world-class performances in Abilene for all time.
  • Leave a Legacy: The Philharmonic has brightened lives in Abilene for almost 70 years, we will be here for you and for the music lovers you pass the torch to.

Other Gifts

  • Name the Abilene Philharmonic as a beneficiary for your retirement account or insurance policy.
  • Stock gifts
  • Trusts
  • IRA charitable distribution

You can make honorariums, memorials, bequests and outright gifts to the Foundation through the Philharmonic office.

Special thanks to members of the Yeager Society. These patrons have made special gifts and/or bequests for the benefit of the Foundation and Association.

Brochures are available on how you might participate!


Jim Pizzorno, President
Allan Meador, Vice-President
Pete Renick, Treasurer

Mark Hoover, Secretary
Frank Johnson
Vance Cooksey

Thank You to Our Supporters